Exotic Varadero with Our Amazing Dainirys

Livestream Test Tour - Exotic Varadero with Our Amazing Dainirys, PART 2

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About the Tour:

The tour will be develop in Varadero. It is the major resort city in Cuba made by its beautiful stretch of white sand beach. Varadero is part of Matanzas province and it is located on the northern shores of this Caribbean island. For this occasion, I will be guiding you through this wonderful town, its streets, visiting places of interest such: the Varadero’s Museum, the AL Capone’s house, the Josone’s Park, the ceramic museum, Casa Del Ron, the Varadero’s boulevard as well as many interesting places. The purpose is to show Varadero based on my experience, interacting also with locals and introducing this part of Cuba to the rest of the world.      

The tour includes:

  • To know about the history of Varadero visiting the museum. It´s set within a Colonial-style beach house built in the 1920s.
  • To visit the local markets in both sides of the main street where you can find the most attractive souvenirs from the island.
  • To visit the cigar and rum museum for to learn a little more about our idiosyncrasies. As well as to visit the markets where you can buy the excellences of our island. Run and cigars are the distinctive things from Cuba.
  • To interact with locals as well as to appreciate how they live even in Varadero, being this place the most important touristic place in Cuba. Most of the families there are support by tourism in this region.


My name is Dainirys Pérez Alemán. I am 35 years old. I am from Cuba. I live in Varadero, north part of the island. I have a Bachelor degree in Foreign Languages. Tours are my passion that is why I have been working as tour guide since 7 years. I have experience guiding visitors in all Cuba, in the most beautiful and incredible places. I like the interaction with people of different countries because I have the opportunity to introduce my charming country to the rest of the world as well as to improve my acknowledges. I would like to be an inspiration of effort and constancy.

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