Step Well of Abhaneri – video tour with Deependra

Step Well of Abhaneri with Deependra

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Video Tour 25.10.2021

About the Tour:

India is considered as the land of mysteries. A land where people of different culture and religions live together. A country where one part is so different to another, less a country more a subcontinent. And one of the states of this country is Rajasthan, which is rich in culture and heritage, science and architectural marvels, forts and palaces, not to forget its ancient wells.

Tour Highlights:

  • See the countryside of Rajasthan ,India.
  •  Get a idea of how many precious architectural gems are scattered in our    villages.
  • Know how a simple well, which is used to draw water can be a Master-piece.

Deependra Singh

Namaste, my name is Deependra Singh Udawat, my friends and people known to me call me Deependra. I live in Jaipur, Rajasthan and I have done my post graduate diploma in Tourism and Hotel management. My native state is famous for Chivalry and Hospitality, I’m deeply in love with my country , which I want to show to the world. In one word you can describe me as a wandering soul. Love to meet new people and to know about their culture too. I speak English , Spanish, Hindi and 3 dialects of my state. Guiding is my hobby, which I have turned into my profession. Since 12 years I’m showing my country to English and Hispanic Guests. I want to work hard and write someday a book on India based upon my experience.

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