ROYAL PALACE, Jaiptur with Deependra

ROYAL PALACE, Jaiptur with Deependra

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About the Tour

When we think of Jaipur instantly the image of bustling and crowdie bazaars of Jaipur comes to our mind. The colourful lively bazaars of the old part of Jaipur is a monument in itself and a treat to one eye. The visitors can pass hours and hours in these market places without getting bored.

To learn more, you should take a video virtual tour with our best guide Deependra!

Deependra Singh

I believe in the saying that, “Those who do not travel, have read only the one page of the Book called Life”. I’m a avid Traveller, a Foodie, a Story Teller, and a enthusiastic Guide. You can search me on Facebook in the name of “Deependra Udawat”. You can connect me on LinkedIn too. On LinkedIn you can search me , “ Deependra Singh Udawat”. Thanks and Regards, Namaste!

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