Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires with Nestor

Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires with Nestor

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Tour Start 19.10.2021

5 pm GMT+2 CEST

About the Tour

Let’s make a virtual tour to The Plaza de Mayo! It is the oldest public square in Buenos aires, and has been the scene of many of the most important events in the city’s history, from the second founding of the city in 1580, through the revolution of independence, to more recent political demonstrations.

With our guide Nestor you will see in real time several important buildings: the Cabildo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, where Pope Francis conducted mass for 20 years, the Casa Rosada, seat of the national government, the national revenue office (AFIP), the national bank and the intelligence secretariat.


Regards! My name is Néstor. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been working as a tour guide since 2014, doing bike tours, walking tours, tours on buses and participated in some events in my city. I enjoy very much my job. I like showing Buenos Aires and my country, and sharing our rich culture with people from everywhere. I love traveling, I had the chance of being in different parts of South America and I would love to travel all around the world. About me, I like riding bikes, spending time with my friends, my family and my dog. I also enjoy arts, drawing, listening to music and I am a big football fan. I love nature and outdoor activities too.

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