Itapema – Santa Catarina, Brazil with Jose Gerardo

Itapema – Santa Catarina, Brazil with Jose Gerardo

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About the Tour:

Have you been to Brazil before? And If Yes which places in Brazil? have you seen the different cities apart from their Popular cities like Sao Paolo, Brazilia or Rio De Jeneiro? Let’s talk about South of Brazil, the Exotic yet traditional cuisine, the Lifestyle. The purpose is to show the different side of Brazil, it will be organized in the City of Itapema – Santa Catarina to showcase their structure rich culture, history and the Brazilian Vibes. The audience will have the opportunity to appreciate our customs and traditions, and have the utmost fun.

The tour includes:

  • To know about our lifestyle is very interesting, Brazil is a very beautiful country rich with so many different cultures
  • To learn about the history, traditions, environmental and local cultures will give you the happy pill and great vibes
  • Spend a day as a “barriga verde” in Itapema – Santa Catarina and live it up like a local, exciting beach vibes and experience the Brazilian passion for dance and “futebol” aka soccer, Indulge in Brazilian Cuisine and explore our Rich culture.

Gerard Macapagal

My name is Gerard Macapagal. I am a Filipino currently living now In Brazil. I currently live in the State of Santa Catarina but have been travelling to various parts of Brazil for tours and shows. I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts and a Certificate as a Tour Guide. Tours and Music are my passion, that’s why I have been working as a tour guide and Singing

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