Iran – Country of Mystery, City of Rasht with Tiam

Iran - Country of Mystery, City of Rasht with Tiam

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Tour Start 07.11.2021

2 pm GMT+1 CEST

About the Tour:

There are so many unknown facts about Iran. There are several miss conceptions about this magnificent country. If you are interested in knowing about Iranian culture and people’s daily life, you are in right place. On this short virtual tour I’m going to take you to one of the main squares of Rasht, a city in north of Iran, where you will have this chance to see 20th century monuments around a big square and feel the atmosphere of a city where one day Polish refugees were stayed there during World War II. However, this place is not only a historic site, there are so many surprises in a big fruit market next to the square where we are going to stroll along its narrow alleys and you will see why Rasht designated as UNESCO Creative City of Food.

Tour highlights:

– You will see the most famous land mark of Rasht in the heart of the city called “Shahrdari Square (Municipality Sq.)” Where locals gather every day to chill out and enjoy communicating
– Visit 4 main monuments around the square such as the statue of one of the Iranian national heroes who rose against central government in 20th century
– We will walk through neat and beautiful streets of the city and talk about Iranian women status, local’s daily life and some tips for tourists who would like to visit Iran.
– Rash fruit market will be our last stop which is one of the most fascinating bazaars in Iran where you will see the diversity of ingredients that locals used for their cuisines


My name is Tiam Nikseresht from Iran. I’ve been working in tourism industry as a tourist guide, tour operator, travel consultant and trainer for more than 14 years. I have Bachelor degree in Statistics and master degree in Archeology. After passing several courses in tourism I became national trainer of WFTGA (World Federation of Tourist Guides Association). My interests in history and archeology and most importantly living in an ancient country like Iran, driven me to take cultural and archaeological tours across the country. Traveling, meeting people from all around the world, making friends and share unforgettable memories with them is my passion.

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