National Historical and Cultural Reserve “Hetman Capital”

National Historical and Cultural Reserve “Hetman Capital”

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Tour Start 08.11.2021

11 pm GMT+2 CEST

About the Tour

Baturyn Fortress Citadel
The Citadel was the political center not only of the city of Baturyn but also of the entire Hetmanate, Cossacks period. From this point, the Hetmans ruled the Ukrainian state. In modern terms, it was the “government quarter”. Moreover, this place is precious for every Ukrainian for its brave past. If you want to know what happened there and why every Ukrainian boasts of their historical past, join the tour!
Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Duration: 45 min
The tour includes:
• the Citadel’s fortifications;
• you’ll go inside the Cossack church;
• the real Hetman’s residence;
• a monastery well;
• Cossack treasury;
• Cossack cannons and anchors.


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