Visit Cuban Restaurant with Dainiryz

Visit Cuban Restaurant with Dainirys

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About the Tour:

Did you visit Cuba before? Do you know about the Cuban cuisine?
For this occasion, I will be guiding you through a tour based in the Cuban traditional food. The purpose is to show
the typical ways used for us to prepare our traditional dishes. It is organized in a “casa particular” to make this
more typical and authentic. It will be develop in a total confidence and nice atmosphere with the local people.
The audience will have the opportunity to appreciate our customs and traditions.

Tour highlights:

To know about our cuisine is very important taking into account Cuba is a very attractive country.
-To learn about the history, traditions, environment and local culture are a perfect combination also.
-It is very important to connect with people all over the world. That’s exactly how food plays its role.
-The bond with food is a universal language, after all, no matter where you came from, food is certainly part of
our history. That is why every travel memory always comes with a flavor.
– Try to understand not only what people eat, but also why they eat in one way or another, what are the local
ingredients, what is the story behind the food they prepare. Ask, interact, taste and smile.


My name is Dainirys Pérez Alemán. I am 35 years old. I am from Cuba. I live in Varadero, north part of the island. I have a bachelor’s degree in foreign Languages. Tours are my passion, that’s why I have been working as tour guide for 7 years. I have experience guiding visitors in all Cuba, in the most beautiful and incredible places. I like the interaction with people of different countries because I have the opportunity to introduce my charming country to the rest of the world as well as to improve my acknowledges. I would like to be an inspiration of effort and constancy.

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