Aviation Museum with Vladislava

Aviation Museum in Konotop, with Vladislava

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Tour Start 05.11.2021

1 pm GMT+1 CEST

About the Tour:

Hi! You’ll see various flying machines)) Helicopters, copters and planes! Moreover, well go inside and you’ll have an opportunity to be in the pilots cabin with all stuff they work with during the flights! In addition, you’ll get to know what is cold a cow, a crocodile and a hair at the musem and why. Time will fly and you too in the museum of aviation!

The tour includes:

  • 7 flying machines;
  • exposition of the inside of the copters;
  • you’ll find yourself at the places of a pilot, a mechanic and passengers;
  • you’ll see an old and improved version of one and the same copter and become a copter specialist!


Hi! I'm Vladyslava. I'm from Ukraine and I'm glad to host you there. Our country is full of interesting things, old traditions and family customs. I'll be glad to accompany you in Ukraine and make friends with everyone. If you want to relax and go through the country, join my tours! Looking forward!

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